Barfly® Productions

Champagne Cocktail and White Lady

2019 StarChefs NYC Rising Star, Aiden Bowie, is behind the bar creating an enchanting Champagne Cocktail and his very own version of a White Lady.

The Emperor’s New Laundromat and Cloud Break

2019 StarChefs Philadelphia Rising Star, Paul MacDonald shows us the way to two beautiful precise cocktails: The Emperor's New Laundromat and Cloud Break.

The Hound Dog and The Green Emanuel

Watch the Salehi brothers, 2019 StarChefs San Francisco Rising Stars, as they mix an Elvis themed cocktail 'The Hound Dog' and the exotic 'Green Emanuel'. Pure gold.

The Bronx Cocktail

This hidden gem established in 1908 is a true golden oldie.

Gin Basil Smash

A new twist on one of the world’s foremost cocktail experts, Dale DeGroff’s Whiskey Smash – Crush it!

Mint Julep

Did you know that this classic cocktail can be traced back to the Middle East from a drink called a Joulab?

Neptune’s Wrath

A quintessential Gin Sour kicked up a notch to satisfy the God of the Sea!

The Tarzan

Pineapple, citrus and Campari dominate the flavor profile of this highball cocktail. Johnny Weissmuller would be proud.