Header for Strainers

Heavy-duty spring
to filter ice and other
solids – ensures excellent
fit with shakers and
mixing glasses

Integral finger stop
for easier hold of
strainer during

Optimal perforation
pattern to allow
efficient pouring

18-8 Stainless
steel core
resists pitting
and corrosion

stainless steel for
superior durability

Header for Spoons

Precision formed bowl
for proper capacity,
easy stirring, and
smooth transfer

One-piece construction
for greater durability
and sanitation

Twisted design for
better control and grip

A variety of lengths
for use with almost
any vessel

18-8 Stainless steel
core construction

Header for Jiggers

Internal measurement
lines with markings
for greater flexibility

Rolled top edge
strengthens and
maintains shape

External markings
with capacity per size

18-8 Stainless steel
core construction

Precise, accurate
and consistent