What does it take to make a perfect cocktail? Talent. Technique. And perfectly crafted tools. It’s the trifecta that elevates a glass into an experience. Here’s to the masterminds behind the bar and ahead of the pack who ensure every sip is a celebration.


A staple of every mixologist, these shakers are made with precision to fit together perfectly, and release easily.


Raise the level wherever cocktails are being made with these elegant and attractive mixing glasses and unique tins.


Cocktails should taste as good as they look. These strainers ensure results are exactly as intended. A variety of styles are offered to meet all your needs.


Get it right every time. Accurate measurements are essential for each cocktail to taste exactly as designed.


A variety of styles and sizes to simplify the mixing process when assembling a cocktail. Expertly crafted to keep up with the current state of mixology.

Ice Tools

Drinks look and taste so much better with clear, clean ice. All the tools to chip, chop and cut for whatever you are serving.


Barfly prep tools are designed and crafted to help you work efficiently and effectively while preparing garnishes, bringing cocktails to new heights.


The tools you need to present drinks with style and flare.


We have joined style and function to provide a way to keep all your mixology gear organized and safe wherever you need to go.

Mixology Sets

One convenient item number to get all the essential mixology gear needed to create craft cocktails.

Metro Edge® Brewer Shirts

These shirts are comfortable on the floor or behind the bar.

Metro Edge® Aprons

Style with an attitude… These aprons are designed with incredible attention to detail.

Safety and Sanitation

Take the precautionary measures to ensure a safe environment for customers, staff and communities.


Double wall construction does not transfer cold temps to exterior surface

Built in strainer filters ice and solids

Designed for easy separation after shaking

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I cannot say enough about Barfly’s gear and how well built and gorgeous their bar tools are! The best part? Their stuff is incredibly priced and perfect for anyone from a beginner bartender at home to a professional bartender who makes a living and needs the best tools in their hands to get the job done. I use nothing but Barfly!

Kenny Hynes, @NJCocktails

Love the Barfly Shakers!! The quality of the metal is outstanding! The Heavy-Duty Strainers are perfect to strain any cocktail into your glass. Also, the Barfly Gear Bag has space for every single thing bartenders love to carry all the time.

Diego Livera, Bartender at Blacktail, NYC

From the moment I first used Barfly Mixology Gear I was so impressed by the quality that I replaced all of the tools in my bar and haven’t looked back. Each tool is well designed and the craftsmanship is impeccable, they have weight, balance and have really stood the test of time. I’ve been fortunate enough to use almost every tool they make and I cannot sing their praises loud enough. No more tools that break prematurely! Barfly has got the tool game on lock!

Leandro DiMonriva, The Educated Barfly

Firstly the thing I noticed and appreciated from the jump is the general quality of metal work; you can tell just by the weight and feel that this is well-made bar gear. Loved the Heavy Duty Strainers – great weight, a tight coil for straining, perfect height and width to fit into the tin. My favorite of the product line. All products made to an industry standard of design, look good, feel good.

Jesse Vida, BlackTail, NY

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